Food Products

Mama Emz Food Products manufactures local delicacies/desserts such as Peanut Butter, Yema Spread, Malunggay Chips, Polvoron, and Pastillas. Established in 2018 in Balintocatoc, Santiago City, Mama Emz Food Products has expanded provincially in Isabela, Philippines.

Mama Emz Food Products are products full of power and passion business. She feels that her products are her babies so she makes them with her love and care and purposeful to bring happiness to everyone who tastes it. She expresses what she feels through her products. She also wants to bring happiness to everyone who tastes her product. She’s very optimistic to produce such delicacies which appeal very much to the sensories. The products make you feel warm and want to share them with your social circle. It has an assertive and decisive decision to produce special delicacies that the goal-oriented is for the customer’s opinionated response.

Mama Emz food Product wants to pursue specific goals like to continue creating and developing more products and make the products available in the online market that aims to reach not only local but also in abroad. They keep on improving their products by hearing the voice of the opinions of their customers. Through this, it influences and inspires the owner to give the best quality of their product. They always want to let the customer feel a mother’s love for their loved ones by each bite or taste of the product.