Healthy Chips?

Malunggay Chips

Watching movies with friends and families is one of the best bonding at home. A snack ready to eat like corn chips favorite with the same crunchy goodness that Pinoys have loved. Chips are one of those popular snacks to eat.

Chips are a type of snack in the form of crisp with a flat or bowl-shaped, sliced in thin and bite-sized. It has been deep-fried or baked until it becomes crunchy. Most are savory snacks often served in a combination of chips and dip.

When we talk about “chips” we usually think it is unhealthy to eat, full of preservatives, it is just a mouth-watering snack but do you know what? We have healthy chips available in the market. We have Vegetable Chips produced from a variety of root and leafy vegetables.

Some of the more popular brands of veggie chips are much lower in sodium than traditional varieties. Mama Emz Malunggay Chips is one of the veggies that’s good for everyone

Mama Emz Malunggay Chips is a healthy snack food from the leaves of Malunggay perfect Malunggay Chipsfor those with a palate for snacks with a kick of spice, best for those who crave a unique flavor to tickle their taste buds. It is healthy because it has the Malunggay a.k.a.Moringa ingredient that has numerous health benefits from being a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, and Potassium.

Try Mama Emz Malunggay Chips that you will surely enjoy the crunchiness and the good taste.

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