Santiago City InvesTour Trade Fair

The City of Santiago celebrates tourism week with a theme of “InvesTOUR” in celebration of World Tourism Day and National Tourism Day. It was named as InvesTour because Santiago City is the center of Commercialism / Investor, a priority project of the City Government of Santiago in cooperation with the Department of Tourism.


The Invest Tourism project was a week-long celebration with a series of events and competitions, held last September 24-30, 2019 at Robinson’s Place Santiago City with the assistance of DTI Isabela through its Negosyo Center Santiago City in collaboration with the City Information Culture and the Arts Tourism Office of LGU Santiago City.

These include the following:

  1. Tourism Expo
  2. DOT Express Accreditation
  3. Tour Guiding Competition
  4. Tourism Job Fair
  5. Regional Tourism Quiz Bee
  6. Santiago de CARIG: The CulTOURal Show
  7. Tourist Seminar
  8. Tourism Brochure Making Competition
  9.  Vlog Competition

Most Santiaguenos enjoyed participating in the events, especially during the competition day.

Mama Emz InvesTour
Mama Emz Food Product at the Trade Fair

MSME of Santiago City also participates in the Trade Fair with different locally made products that were up for exhibit to local producers and manufacturers in promoting their authentic goods.

Mama Emz Food Product was one of the MSME who showcases their product in the booth, selling Mama Emz Yema Spread and Peanut Butter Spread (Palaman) products.

Mama Emz InvesTour Product
Mama Emz Yema Palaman

Mama Emz Food Products are products full of power and passion business.   It manufactures local delicacies/desserts such as Peanut ButterYema Spread, Polvoron, and Pastillas.



For orders or inquiries kindly Contact Mam Emz Food Products
or visit their Facebook Page at

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