The Sweet Pasalubong Business


Business is an organization or economic system where products and services are exchanged for one another. It requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold consistently to make a profit. 

There are several steps you have to follow before you can legally begin to operate. These are designed to protect the consumer from illness, and also to make sure you’re following the proper procedures if your decision to start a food business.

A food business is any undertaking, whether carried out for profit or not, and whether public or private. It is one of the in-demand vocations today that can be a retail shop selling sweets and confectionary. 

Sweetness or Sweets is a basic taste that most commonly recognized when eating foods rich in sugars with a pleasant taste that characterize sugar or honey that are not salty, sour, or bitter. 

 Businesses today invest in sweet products, most of them were best for wholesale and retail in a store which is perfect for store merchandise and “Pasalubong,” a Filipino tradition of travelers bringing gifts from their destination to people back home. 

We can see those products from different places like in a pasalubong center, bus stop, groceries, and even in a Sari-sari Store. These products include Macapuno, Pastillas, Yema, Pulvoron, gummies, and other sweet products.

Mama Emz Food Products is one of the best product that is a perfect gift for your loved ones. The packing and the taste are very enticing. It manufactures local delicacies/desserts such as Peanut Butter, Yema Spread, Malunggay Chips, Polvoron, and Pastillas.

Mama emz products

Try Mama Emz Food Products to see the difference!

We can be found at Balintocatoc, Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines. For Orders and Inquiries, CONTACT US



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