Why we should buy local products?

Why we should buy local products?

We should buy local products. Yes, we Filipinos have the thing for imported products or some refer to as “Stateside” or “Galing sa Tate”. We also buy products that are mass produced because they are cheaper and they are readily available in the groceries. But, let us think for a moment before we go to the cashier and pay for these imported products. How about we try and support our local businesses and try their food products.

Here are some of the reasons why we should buy local products:

  1. Good for the health – Our local food manufacturers use fresh ingredients from the market because they only produce what is needed per batch.
  2. Economic benefit – When you buy from an independent, locally-owned business, instead of nationally-owned businesses, the money stays and flows within the community which helps the economy of the community.
  3. Helps the farmers – When you buy a food that is locally made, you also help support the local farmers.
  4. Personalized experience – When you order a product that us locally made, it usually does not need shipping. More often, the products are delivered to you personally by the owner or their re-sellers.

That’s just a few reasons why we should support products that are locally made like the products of Mama Emz Food Products. We make sure that every ingredient that we use are fresh and is organic.

Support Local, support Mama Emz Food Products!

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